Oil and gas field studies

Oil and gas field studies comprise a host of activities related to the development of oil and natural gas resources. These involve an initial screening study of…

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Feasibility studies and reserves evaluation

Relying on its extensive practical knowledge of sedimentary basins and hands-on experience with exploration and appraisal processes, and…

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Reservoir modeling and simulation

Dynamic reservoir modeling and simulation is considered a major tool to guide field development planning. It provides additional insight for…

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Environmental assessment of oil and gas development projects

Environmental assessment of oil and gas development projects entails the systematic process of identifying environmental consequences of…

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Enhanced oil recovery

As oil and gas fields mature, drilling activity declines and enhanced oil recovery services become more important. State-of-the-art technology that…

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Carbon management, sustainable energy services

Helping climate conscious clients meet their emissions-reduction goals, and building on our oil and gas expertise by performing…

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Relying on executive records of its managers (spanning nearly 4 decades) across multiple sections of the industry, and taking advantage of  advanced knowledge and technical know-how of  its experts, the company is capable of providing a wide range of consulting services, including but not limited to oil and gas field studies, reserves evaluation and modelling, and sustainable energy services. Leveraging latest technologies, as well as safe and eco-friendly solutions, Kandokav Energy Pars Company continually strives to offer best in-class, quality services based on internationally recognized standards and practices, to improve bottom-line, optimize costs, and earn satisfaction of clients.



Who do  we serve ?

Companies of all sizes from different types of businesses and industries benefit from the wide-ranging services provided by Irsa Middle East Inc